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Medicare Covers Braces as a Solution for Back and Knee Pain

Covered Braces Allow Seniors to enjoy their Favorite Activities Again with very little or no out of pocket expense

Dear Patient,

Are you suffering from low back or knee pain? Are you tired of taking pain medications and pills that only provide temporary relief, if any?  Are you looking for other ways to relieve your back or knee pain and are worried about future surgery?  Are you missing out on your favorite activities?  If you answered yes to these questions, then we can help.   Our recent accreditation by BOC and Medicare has given us the ability to provide high quality braces to our patients at little or no cost to seniors. Medicare and other insurance companies routinely cover the cost of these items because they provide support, relieve pain, and decrease the need for expensive surgeries, replacements, therapies and pain medications. 

Only a small percentage of offices in the country hold this unique accreditation which allows us to be a dispensing location for approved Medicare braces.  Also available are pain relieving TENS units, as well as supports for the shoulder, elbow, wrist/ hand and ankle/foot.

Back and knee braces come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are excellent for short and long term use. Many patients find that our comfortable braces to wear, and help with golf, exercise, house/yard work, playing with grandkids, and providing support while standing or walking.  You’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities with less pain and discomfort.

How does it work?
Back and Knee pain without support causes constant pressure on the joints and muscles. If left untreated, the pain will progressively get worse and your quality of life suffers. Our braces are designed to fit any body type and deliver localized compression directly to those overworked muscles and joints while relieving spasms and reducing pain. Current clinical research has shown that supporting these regions can reduce pain, improve functional status and postpone or prevent the need for medication and surgeries. The self-adjusting braces contour precisely to your body for maximum support and pain relief. The lightweight design allows users to wear the braces comfortably while providing maximum support.

If you or a loved one could benefit from one of these braces, please call us today at (516) 255-0272 to setup a free consultation.  It is an easy process, and you can have your brace in just a few days.  If you have difficulty coming to our office, we will handle all of the paperwork and ship your brace to you.

Dr. Lee Weiner     Medicare/ BOC Accredited DME Facility       9 Davison Ave. Oceanside, NY 11572    (516) 255-0272

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